Kris Kobach is Not a Good Attorney

This is a guest blog post by the “Kansas Attorneys for Kelly” group. Please see this post in which their list of 27 Kobach “flubs” will be recorded all in one place.

Kansas attorneys from across the state, including Republicans, Independents and Democrats, have formed a group to support gubernatorial candidate Laura Kelly. “Kansas Attorneys for Kelly” focuses on an issue that, so far, has not received much attention in the campaign, which is, setting aside his policies and positions, Kris Kobach is not a good attorney. And if Kobach is bad at his chosen profession, why would voters want him to be chief executive of the state? 

Kansas attorneys have witnessed Kobach’s many legal failures over the years, the most recent example being his lackluster performance in federal court in Kansas City, Kansas in a lawsuit brought by ACLU against the Secretary of State. Not only did Kobach lose the voting rights case in embarrassing fashion at trial, he was sanctioned by the Judge for violating a Court Order, and was ordered to pay more than $26,000.00 to the ACLU in attorneys’ fees and expenses. 

Paul Snyder, a Leawood trial attorney and Republican, attended one of the first days of the trial: “I was astounded at the incompetence of the Kobach trial team. They failed in even the most basic of trial skills, including trying to introduce documents into evidence and using deposition testimony with live witnesses. I watched the Judge become exasperated and repeatedly chide Kobach and his team for not knowing ‘Evidence 101.’ I was embarrassed as a Kansas attorney by this incompetent performance.” 

In addition to the ACLU trial loss, there are Kobach’s many failed efforts to draft statutes and ordinances for cities across the country, many of which were challenged in court and found to be unconstitutional. Much of this legal work was done while Kobach was supposedly working full time for Kansans as Secretary of State. 

Over 100 Kansas attorneys have already joined the group and Kansas Attorneys for Kelly.  If you are a Kansas attorney who wants to join the growing list of Kansas attorneys to support Laura Kelly you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Each day, the Facebook page and Twitter Account highlight a different Kobach flub, each of which on their own demonstrate that Kris Kobach is not qualified to hold the highest office in Kansas.