27 Reasons Not to Vote for Kris Kobach

Don’t be fooled by the Ivy League education or his prolific and lucrative moonlighting all across the country providing his (ineffective) legal services: Kris Kobach is a really bad attorney.

Much like Wile E Coyote fails at every new hare-brained scheme to catch and eat the Road Runner, Kobach is undone by his own hubris and incompetence. (Apologies to Wile E Coyote for the unbecoming comparison.)

Many of his failures are easily understood without specific training, but there is a robust category of failures best understood and placed in context by our friends in the legal profession.

Kansas Attorneys for Kelly believe that it is a big mistake to promote someone who is this bad at his chosen profession. Here’s their full list of 27 Kobach flubs.

Kobach Flub No. 1 - To sum up, Lincoln was right: "He who represents himself has a FOOL for a client." Kris Kobach proved that in representing himself in losing the voting rights trial Fish v Kobach against ACLU.

Kobach Flub No. 2 - "Find those 3 million illegal votes yet?” - Part 3

Kris Kobach's "voter fraud" commission disbands in January 2018 without taking any actions after numerous lawsuits filed against it.

Kobach Flub No. 3 - "Find those 3 million illegal votes yet?" - Part 2

Experts warn: Kris Kobach's planned central repository of voter data will be target for hackers. Privacy concerns prompt thousands of voters across country to cancel their registrations.

Kobach Flub No. 4 - "Find those 3 million illegal votes yet?" - Part 1

Kris Kobach named co-chair of fed commission to combat "voter fraud." Kobach sends letters to state election officials requesting they send him voter data - lawsuits follow.

Kobach Flub No. 5 - "I always lose in court but at least I've made a lot of money!"

According to @KCStar and @ProPublica, Kris Kobach made at least $800,000 since 2005 on his failed legal work--$150,000 of that was during time he was supposed to be your fulltime SOS!

Kobach Flub No. 6 - "Albertville, AL-Boy, glad we didn't hire Kris Kobach!" KK asks town to hire him to draft immigration resolution. After checking around, Albertville votes "NO THANKS." "The advice I have gotten from towns which passed similar resolutions said they would not do it again."

Kobach Flub No. 7 - "Farmers Branch, TX-Thanks for nothing!-Part 3"

City leader describes Kobach's pitch: "It was a sham," He "kept telling us, 'We can win this. We'll just keep appealing it,' which I felt was very misleading.” The City leader continued: "It was just a sad situation that we had to go through, and everybody now regrets it."

Kobach Flub No. 8 - "Farmers Branch, TX-Thanks for nothing!-Part 2"

Town ends up owing $7 MILLION in legal fees. Kris Kobach's ordinance found to be unconstitutional and is never enacted. Great investment!

Kobach Flub No. 9 - "Farmers Branch, TX-Thanks for nothing!-Part 1"

Ordinance drafted by Kris Kobach is challenged-Kobach loses in trial court and on appeal. Process takes nearly seven years--ordinance never enacted.

Kobach Flub No. 10 - "Hazleton, PA - Thanks for nothing! - Part 3"

Town has to take on debt to pay millions in legal fees to defend Kobach's unconstitutional ordinance. Town eventually has to file for state bailout. Thanks Kris!!

Kobach Flub No. 11 - Kris Kobach Flub No. 11 - "Hazelton, PA - Thanks for nothing! Part 2"

Litigation involving Kris Kobach's ordinance lasts more than SEVEN YEARS. U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear city's case.

Kobach Flub No. 12 - “Hazleton, PA - Thanks for nothing! - Part 1" 

Kris Kobach's immigration ordinance is challenged. He loses at trial court level and on appeal. Ordinance never goes into effect.

Kobach Flub No. 13 - “Valley Park, MO—Thanks for nothing!—Part 3” Town’s attorney can’t identify a single case that was brought under Kris Kobach’s ordinance, which was gutted in litigation.

Kobach Flub No. 14 - “Valley Park, MO—Thanks for nothing!—Part 2” 

Under Kris Kobach ordinance, it is now illegal only to “knowingly” hire illegal immigrants. But that’s ALREADY ILLEGAL under federal law.

Kobach Flub No. 15 - “Valley Park, MO—Thanks for nothing!—Part 1” 

Kris Kobach helps pass law punishing employers for hiring illegal immigrants and landlords for renting to them. Law is challenged in court -- and after $300,000 in legal expenses, the law is mostly gutted.

Bonus Kris Kobach Flub: Remember the time when Kobach mislead Spanish speaking voters about the deadline for voter registration? Wonder why he would do that?


In a post-trial filing after the KCKS trial, Kris Kobach files an incomplete legal document with an internal note: "PROBABLY NOT WORTH ARGUING." On that, we can agree Kris!

Kobach Flub No. 17 - “Murguia is foreign, right?” 

Kris Kobach’s voter registration “experts” slammed by federal judge—neither one found to be credible at trial. One would have coded Carlos Murguia, another federal judge, as “foreign.”

Wile E Coyote Rope Swing .gif

Kobach Flub No. 18 - "Watch out for that iceberg!" 

Federal judge rejects Kris Kobach's imaginary "iceberg" of noncitizens registering to vote in Kansas: "The Court draws the more obvious conclusion that there is no iceberg; only an icicle, largely created by confusion and administrative error."

Kobach Flub No. 19 - “Whoops, I didn't think about that!" 

Question: What's the result of Kris Kobach ordering state attorneys to keep his embarrassing/nervous/sweaty video deposition secret in order to protect Kobach PERSONALLY and shield his campaign? 

Answer: Kris Kobach bolstered the already strong argument that he (not voters) is PERSONALLY responsible for the $26,000 in sanctions ordered by the judge when HE repeatedly failed to follow the court's ORDER. 

Good move Kris!

Bonus Kobach Flub: Kris Kobach claims he will be transparent. But yesterday he filed a Motion to prevent his damaging deposition from being made public. If he is not transparent now, what makes you think he will be as Governor?

Kobach Flub No. 20 - Super-duper election crime prosecutor does nothing. As the Kansas federal judge found, “despite claiming to have located 129 instances of noncitizen registration in Kansas, [Kobach] has filed zero criminal complaints against noncitizens for registering to vote.”

Kobach Flub No 21 -  “What? My voter suppression law is unconstitutional?” Kansas federal judge rules after trial that the burden of Kobach’s law is not just on a ‘few’ voters, but on tens of thousands of voters, many of whom were disenfranchised in 2014.

How can I get Judge Robinson to let me admit inadmissible evidence? There HAS to be a way!

How can I get Judge Robinson to let me admit inadmissible evidence? There HAS to be a way!

Kobach Flub No 22 - "Evidence 101 - must have skipped that class in law school! - Part 3" At the Kansas voting rights trial, Kobach's team tries to have "experts" give new opinions that weren't previously disclosed. That's not how it works, Kris!

Kobach Flub No. 23 - "Evidence 101 - must have skipped that class in law school! - Part 2." At the Kansas voting rights trial, the Kobach team tries to introduce documents into evidence that were not previously identified. That's not how that works Kris!

Kobach Flub No. 24 - "Evidence 101- must have skipped that class in law school! -Part 1" At the Kansas voting rights trial, Kobach's team tries to simply read deposition testimony of live witnesses without demonstrating inconsistencies. That's not how it works Kris!

Kobach Flub No. 25 - "I have to go back to school?" Because Kobach has a "pattern and practice ... of flaunting disclosure and discovery rules" in the Kansas voting rights trial, the judge orders him to attend 6 extra hours of continuing legal education classes.

Kobach Flub No. 26 - "Sorry Kris - you appealed too soon!" After a Kansas federal judge held Kobach in contempt for failing to follow a court order, he appealed to the 10th Circuit. The 10th Circuit dismissed the appeal because it was filed too soon. The appeal was filed too soon because the court had not yet decided the amount Kobach was ordered to pay in legal fees. It ended up being over $26,000.00 which Kobach expects Kansas taxpayers to pay.

Kobach Flub No 27 - Kobach is held in contempt by a federal judge for failing to follow a court order to contact certain registered voters, and he’s ordered to pay ACLU its attorney’s fees and expenses.

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