2 things that should always come before partisanship

Following publication of an article by the great Peggy Lowe about my investigation into Crosscheck, I’ve had more conversations about politics with people than usual.

I don’t like talking about politics. Too often, we talk past one another.

The more tribal the topic, the more difficult the conversation. When two people in the same tribe talk, they feel great but nothing changes. When people from different tribes talk, they feel crappy but nothing changes. And those of us who aren’t in a tribe* struggle to break through the party rhetoric.

Talking about Crosscheck is easy.

I’m comfortable talking to people of any political persuasion about Crosscheck because I’m talking about two issues that should always come BEFORE partisanship:

competence and honesty.

Crosscheck and Kobach fail on both counts.

If you pick a guy who has a long history of failing, over and over and over, because he’s got the right letter after his name, you’re letting partisanship put your state (or county, or country) at risk.



They matter in family, in business, in government.

If you find yourself wondering why so many prominent Kansas Republicans have endorsed the Democrat for Kansas governor, this might be why.

The article cited above by by Peggy Lowe of KCUR was part of a larger investigation by a team of journalists into voting issues. Listen here.

*People sometimes assume I’m a Democrat because I work on voting rights. (The idea that no one would ever think I was GOP because of this is something Republicans should think about.) I have never been a registered Democrat. I was a registered Republican for a month in 2018 to participate in the primary. I’ve canvassed for candidates only once before 2018: In 2008 for Obama. Originally I felt Obama was too young, indecisive and inexperienced. My decision changed the day McCain named Palin as his running mate. Elevating a person so unprepared, mean-spirited, and divisive alarmed me so much that it overcame my concerns about Obama.