Can we please elect the competent guy as KS Secretary of State already?

In recent campaign stops, both current Secretary of State Kris Kobach and his would-be GOP successor Scott Schwab provided voters and reporters incorrect information about how to register to vote.

Secretary of State is the chief election officer of the state. This is the person who, ideally, works to ensure that every eligible Kansan has the best opportunity to cast a vote and that every vote is counted. Instead, Kobach has self-aggrandized and bumbled about making it harder for eligible citizens to vote rather than easier. And Schwab wants to follow him down that path.

Leaving aside for a minute the travesty that Kobach is currently on a bus tour promoting GOP dominance in Kansas while he is administering our elections and also running for office, it is shocking that our chief election officer isn’t even aware of the current capabilities of the system he runs.

Guess who does know the current capabilities of our Secretary of State website?

Guess who knew the Kobach-run systems were inadequate for the current age of mobile devices and created a solution,

Guess who worked with the current election officials to make sure worked for them as well as it works for Kansas voters?

Brian McClendon.

Brian McClendon has already done more to help eligible Kansans exercise their sacred right to vote as a private citizen than Kobach did in 7 years on taxpayer funded payroll.

Can we please elect the competent guy as Secretary of State already?