What if the home plate umpire had announced "Go Red Sox" before the game?

How about if the guy who is calling the game announces his preferred team right before the game?

Even if he doesn’t actually cheat, fans would, and should, be irate. It would destroy confidence in their neutrality. It would undermine the integrity of the game. No one would trust the outcome.

It would be a scandal!

So why is it okay that less than two weeks before our Kansas election, the man who heads our elections is tweeting the message “Remain Red”? He is on a “Remain Red” bus tour.

Kobach remain red.png

Why is a blatant partisan who is RUNNING FOR OFFICE in charge of every part of the apparatus that will count the votes and decide which ones to not count?

Kansas needs a law for those who don’t do the right thing on their own. A Secretary of State who runs for higher office should step down from office immediately when a campaign is announced.

Kobach must recuse.