Two big reasons it matters that Tim Owens endorsed Laura Kelly

A Kansan named Tim Owens endorsed Laura Kelly on October 30th. Why should we care?

REASON 1: Owens had been the treasurer of the Orman campaign until his resignation on Oct 30th.

Owens served as independent GOP candidate Greg Orman’s treasurer. With Orman clocking in at high single digits in six straight polls, most election watchers had concluded Orman’s candidacy could only serve as a spoiler and throw the neck-and-neck race to Kobach.

In a letter to the Orman campaign, Owens said he was resigning from the campaign "to unite behind Senator Laura Kelly and stop Kris Kobach."

In an interview with Brad Cooper at Sunflower State Journal, Owens added "I got to the point of thinking that I cannot in good conscience support something that's potentially going to give the race to somebody I consider to be an extremist".

REASON 2: Owens is Republican.

Owens joins dozens of prominent Republicans in Kansas who have endorsed Laura Kelly for Kansas governor, including 2 Republican ex-governors. (No Democratic ex-governors have endorsed Kobach; they’ve all endorsed Kelly.)

Early in the campaign, Republican State Senator Barb Bollier endorsed Kelly. She was promptly stripped of her committee leadership position by GOP leaders in Topeka desperate to tamp down any further Kelly endorsements.

In addition, GOP leadership issued a direct warning to other moderate GOP to not follow Bolliers’ lead in endorsing Kelly.


When currently serving Republican lawmakers in Kansas have to be threatened to not endorse the candidate from the opposing party, I think we should pay attention.

When those Kansas REPUBLICANS who will not be threatened are screaming from the rooftops that electing Kobach is a bad idea, I think we should listen.

What are they saying?

The people in the know believe he will be a disaster as Governor.

Kobach was a disaster as SOS. He was a disaster as a trial lawyer. He was a disaster as head of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (PACEI).  There is every reason to believe he will continue apace.