5 Reasons to vote Brian BAM McClendon for Secretary of State

Here are five things you should know about the Kansas Secretary of State race:

Reason #5 to Vote BAM! BAM's opponent led the passage of measures that empowered Kobach's legal grandstanding. This is the same guy has gone on the record that as Secretary of State he will “just keep things the way they are” in Kobach's office. BAM will make the Secretary of State’s office more efficient & will keep the focus where it belongs-not in court

Reason #4 to Vote BAM! Brian “BAM” McClendon won’t put Kansas in violation of our own state constitution and the National Voting Rights Act by disenfranchising over 30,000 eligible Kansas voters, as Kris Kobach did.

Reason #3 to Vote BAM! Kansas has 3,100+ open computing jobs, but our schools produce 338 computer science grads per year. These are well-paying, skilled jobs that are in-demand and result in business and job creation. BAM tirelessly advocates for the value that entrepreneurs & innovating companies bring to the Kansas economy.

Reason #2 to Vote BAM! BAM is an engineer by training with a passion for Kansas. He combined these 2 loves when he made his Kansas childhood apartment the center of Google Earth. Brian is committed to use of data & accountability in decision making and problem solving for the benefit of all Kansas. AND he is qualified to do it!

Reason #1 to Vote BAM! Brian does not think in partisan terms, but about the impact of government actions on lives of Kansans. He has advised entrepreneurs & Kansas companies, many started by Kansas students. Just imagine BAM as an effective, experienced ambassador between the State of Kansas and every business in the state!

Vote Brian BAM McClendon for Secretary of State!

(And regardless of how you mark your ballot, please be a voter in the 2018 primary.)