"Who are you guys?"

Last week I got an email from someone asking about this website that said  "Hey, I'm a KC based reporter.  Who are you guys?".

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Anita.  

I live in Kansas.  Over the past year and a half, I have morphed from an apathetic and uninvolved citizen to an accidental activist.  

I'm not funded by anyone or affiliated with any group, although I collaborate with people from Indivisible Chicago (@EndCrosscheck, endcrosscheck.com) who are also working to expose the flaws and risks of Crosscheck.  

I'm not political.  I'm not a partisan.  I've always been an unaffiliated voter.  I find it unfortunate, and dysfunctional, that Crosscheck is often discussed in a highly partisan way.

A guy on twitter once said "well, I hardly think you're unbiased with a handle like @leavecrosscheck".

A recommendation based on research and facts isn't bias, it is expertise.

My goal with this website and with my advocacy is educate Kansans voters, Kansas lawmakers and other Americans about the risks associated with the Kansas-run Crosscheck program.  I base my assessment on facts, and on theories informed by facts.  

On the basis of those facts, I stand by my Twitter handle and website name:  any state currently enrolled in Crosscheck should take a cue from Kentucky and the other 7 states who have resigned from the program due to its risks, inaccuracy, uselessness, and wastefulness.

I am happy to speak to any voter or lawmaker, regardless of party or partisan interest, about my concerns with Crosscheck.