Activism Is a Lot More Fun, and More Effective, When You Have Allies.

By May or June 2017, I had figured out that the Kansas legislature had no control over, and little information about, Crosscheck.

I'd settled on a two pronged strategy:  within Kansas, seek to educate and motivate for change.  Outside Kansas, get voters in member states asking election officials in their states to resign from Crosscheck, following the lead of Florida, Oregon, and Washington who all cited the program's inaccuracy publicly.  (I wasn't aware at the time, but Alaska, New York and Pennsylvania had all resigned more quietly.)

But since I was just one person armed only with Twitter, I wasn't really getting anywhere until PACEI blew up on June 30, 2017.  I was a bit lonely on the Crosscheck beat. 

And then, during one of my many Twitter stalkings of Jason Kander to get him to signal boost me on Crosscheck (which never worked, sadly), this happened: 

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.55.06 AM.png

PACEI's dumpster fire had made a group of Chicago based volunteers aware of Illinois' membership in Crosscheck.  They had their first meeting July 12th to develop a strategy to get Illinois to resign from Crosscheck.

By Aug 2nd, only three weeks later (amazing) they had launched their campaign to remove Illinois from Crosscheck.

My reactions:  

Activism is a lot more fun, and more effective, when you have allies.

Look for much more on this collaboration in future posts!