ACLU vs Kobach: Are you ready for Moore yet?

Moore vs Kobach Press Conference.JPG

One day after federal judge Julie Robinson permanently struck down the SAFE Act and handed Secretary Kobach a penalty of 6 hours of continuing legal education on top of the $50,000+ contempt fine, ACLU of Kansas filed suit against Kobach again.

This time, over Crosscheck.

(Be still my heart.)

Moore vs Kobach seeks class action status on behalf of Scott Moore, James Long, and Nancy Perry and other members of the class, and seeks relief from Secretary Kobach's reckless handling of voters' private data.

I've been calling him Careless Kris Kobach for months, and with good reason.

He runs a program (Crosscheck) in which he takes responsibility - on our dime - for the private data of nearly 100 million Americans.  

Until the good people at Indivisible Chicago and I exposed the program's data security weaknesses in fall of 2017, he showed no concern for keeping the data safe.

The stated goals of Crosscheck are to identify individuals who are registered twice and individuals who may have voted twice.  Both are laudable goals, easily supported.  Unfortunately, Crosscheck does a very poor job of delivering on either one, and has an unacceptable risk profile including privacy violation, hacking, disenfranchisement, electoral malfeasance, degradation of confidence in elections, and the potential of bankruptcy-level financial risk for the state of Kansas.

Supporters of Crosscheck claim it is invaluable, essential. 

Let's see them back that up - even a tiny bit - in court.