Kansas, You in Danger, Girl

Kris Kobach is asking to lead Kansas as governor.  What can we expect if he takes us "under his wing" like he promised to do of the Crosscheck program?  

He successfully expanded its use from 16 states in 2010 to a peak of 29 states in 2014.  He marketed himself heavily based on Crosscheck, claiming it was an "essential" program.  

But aside his successful self-promotion, how has he done with Crosscheck?

As of July 2018, it is broken

Despite many high profile hacks of corporations with top notch IT departments, Kobach failed to make *any* changes to the data security protecting the Crosscheck database from 2011 through 2017.

In fact, in April of 2017, even after the risk of foreign interference in our elections was a constant headline, his head of elections emailed the password for the Crosscheck results files to over 70 people over plain text email.

Activists exposed the shoddy data security protocol and practices in fall of 2017.

His response to this barrage of bad publicity was revealing.  He said "I don't concede there is a problem".

Then, bowing to pressure, he vowed to fix the data security.  

But that never happened

Crosscheck did not run in 2018 for the first time since the program was developed in 2006.  He broke it.

Don't get me wrong:  We are glad Crosscheck is broken.  The program he describes as essential and vowed to "take under his wing" has been faulted for not only its horrible data security but also its lack of efficacy, insanely bad data matching, and potential for racially discriminatory voter purges.

But if this is what happens to a program he highly values, imagine what might happen to Kansas under a Gov. Kobach?