A Reading List for Kansans Considering a Vote for Kobach

Kansas voters, before you go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6th, I implore you:

Learn about Kris Kobach. 

He is not a good leader, doesn't demonstrate conservative fiscal management, is careless with data security and money, and isn't very good at the law.  

We can do better.  A LOT better.   What follows is a partial list of articles demonstrating bad leadership, poor decision making, lack of respect for the law, and general unfitness for office.

Presidential Commission on Election Integrity:

Voter fraud commission disbanded

I'm on Trump's voter fraud commission.  I'm suing to find out what it is doing.  

SOS v Pace

Trump's voter fraud commission is gone, but scrutiny remains.  

A short history of the brief and bumpy life of the voter fraud commission



Kansans singled out by Kobach's voter fraud system

Even a novice hacker could breach the network hosting Kobach's Crosscheck system.

Security concerns stall Kris Kobach's controversial voter tracking program

Kansas-based Crosscheck exposes private data for 945

ACLU sues Kobach over deeply flawed program

The voter fraud commission wants your data, but can't keep it safe. 


Anti-immigration laws outside of Kansas

Kobach promised to help four cities on immigration.  It cost them millions.  

Samantha Bee lampoons Kris Kobach as "racist Music Man".


Defense of the SAFE Act

Judge orders Kobach to pay $26,000 to ACLU in proof-of-citizenship case

How the Case for Voter Fraud Was Tested — and Utterly Failed


Miscellaneous Incompetence:

Kobach sits on board of veterans group that isn’t using money to help veterans

Kobach's office leaks last four digits of social security number of nearly every Kansas lawmaker