Georgia voters, While We Have Your Attention: It Is Time for Georgia to Leave Crosscheck!

Fantastic job defending the polling places in Raldolph County from closure!  But while we are talking about voter suppression in Georgia, take a second to learn about Georgia's membership in Crosscheck.  

Georgia is one of the 27 states who send private voter data every year (except for 2018) to the Kobach-run Crosscheck program for voter registration list maintenance?

Crosscheck, which ran annually from 2005 through 2017, wasn't used in 2018 due to exposure of its remarkably awful data security. IF it runs in 2019, GA will once again send your private data to Crosscheck putting each voter at risk of identity theft.  So what's in it for you, Georgia voter?

NOTHING. Nothing at all. Because GA sends your data to Crosscheck and then completely ignores the results.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 8.26.44 AM.png

Don't get me wrong: it is GOOD that they ignore the results because the data is riddled with false positives.

But if Georgia don't use the data, why send it to Kobach at all?

Georgia voters get no benefit from Crosscheck but incur serious risk of voters' private data being compromised. 

Including Georgia's data in Crosscheck makes it easier for the states that do purge based on Crosscheck to remove voters.  Worse, Georgia's data inflates the number of "potential duplicate registrants" that Kobach and his voter suppression-loving cronies can publicize.  This number is meaningless but that doesn't stop them from presenting it as bogus evidence of widespread voter fraud. 

Alabama, South Carolina and Florida all now use Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) to maintain voter registration databases.

Georgia should follow the lead of the 8* states who have formally dropped out of Crosscheck, and join ERIC.

*8 states have publicly announced that they have permanently stopped using the Crosscheck program. We suspect that, if it does return in 2019, that South Carolina will no longer participate due to the the inability to independently confirm Crosscheck's results.