Florida Election Officials, do your damn jobs!

After Georgia (Georgia!) became the 27th state to join Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), I began to wonder what had happened to Florida.

More than a year ago, Florida legislators gave the go-ahead to join the most effective (and only currently active) multi-state partnership to remove people registered to vote more than once*. They were expected to join in 2019.

Despite many Republicans in Florida saying they’re concerned about voter fraud, they are blocking the state’s move to gain access the best tool available to prevent double voting.

According to Politico, the reluctance appears to be ERIC’s requirement that Florida reach out to eligible but unregistered voters. Maria Matthews, the director of Florida’s Division of Elections, apparently referred to the outreach effort as something akin to punishment.

To this I say: Do your damn job!

Your job is to register voters and keep the voter rolls clean.

There is no more effective way.

(Crosscheck, currently dormant, is free. But it also isn’t effective, doesn’t keep voter data safe, and takes hundreds and hundreds of administrative hours to do what ERIC does. Florida knows this better than any other state. They tried Crosscheck in 2013 The error-prone results not only led them to end their membership immediately, but Kansas’ careless approach to securing voter data cost Florida over $100,000 in 2018 and has the Kansas Secretary of State embroiled in a class action lawsuit by those whose data was carelessly sent via unsecured email as part of Crosscheck.)

*The Politico article incorrectly says ERIC identifies people only if they’re registered to vote in more than one state. Although that is true of Crosscheck, ERIC also identifies people registered to vote more than once in the same state. And guess which kind of double voting is more common? You guessed it - within state! Yet another way ERIC is far superior to Crosscheck.