Kansas, Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

We’ve got a shot at something amazing in Kansas, so listen up…

Secretary of State has historically been a fairly boring, wonky, non-partisan administrative position in Kansas.

Kris Kobach’s tenure as Kansas Secretary of State has been marred by toxic partisanship and incompetence in equal measure. Whether Kansans choose him as our next governor over bipartisan-endorsed Laura Kelly will come down to a nail-biter on November 6th.

Regardless of the outcome of the governor’s race, Kansans have the opportunity to restore competence and a non-partisan approach to election administration on November 6th by electing the incomparable Brian McClendon as our next Secretary of State.

His opponent, Scott Schwab, would continue to have Kansas bear all the costs and all the risks of the ineffective and risky Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck program. Asked about Crosscheck, Schwab said “Crosscheck is pretty darn good”. To evaluate that comment, I offer a couple of data points.

  • Crosscheck could not even run in 2018 because citizen activists revealed that the data security protecting 100 million American voters’ private information was so poor it could have been hacked by a novice.

  • Kansas has never provided a single piece of data showing that Crosscheck is good at either helping maintain voter rolls or catching double voters.

  • In 2018, yet another lawsuit was filed against Kobach because his lax administration of Crosscheck led to the leak of 945 Kansans’ private data.

Knowing all of this, Schwab continues to toe the party line and support Crosscheck.

Schwab would also continue to appeal the federal court ruling which struck down the SAFE Act in the Fish v Kobach case. Concerningly, Schwab stooped to accusations of judicial bias despite not having attended a minute of the trial.

This case is far from over,” he said. “Obviously, the judge had a bias against Kris. And maybe Kris deserved it, maybe not. I don’t know, I wasn’t in the courtroom. I just know sometimes personalities affect court decisions.

Re-reading his quote, it isn’t clear if Schwab doesn’t know the definition of bias, or if he holds voters in such contempt that the thinks he can both accuse the judge of unfair treatment and then in the next breath say “oh maybe that was fair”. Either option argues against Schwab as SOS. Having personally attended all but two days of the trial, I only wish it had been videotaped. If Republican voters had seen the astounding, riveting incompetence of the Kobach team, it would have sunk him in the primary.

On the other hand, Brian McClendon is beyond qualified for this job. McClendon created what eventually became Google Earth. He has managed complex projects and teams of up to 2000 people.

McClendon recognizes the risks and issues with Crosscheck. It could be easily fixed under his leadership. He would also consider enrolling Kansas in the far more accurate, comprehensive and secure voter registration maintenance program Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

Kansans have a shot at electing a talented, hard working, experienced executive as our next Secretary of State.

Do not throw away your shot. Elect Brian “BAM” McClendon as Kansas Secretary of State.