Why do you object to list maintenance? 

We wholeheartedly support voter registration list maintenance.  We object to *Crosscheck* as a method of list maintenance due to its inadequate data security, careless data matching, the risk it represents to voting rights and vote integrity, because Kansas pays on behalf of all member states, and because of financial risk to Kansas of a potential hack. . Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a highly regarded, effective and low risk method of list maintenance.  We encourage voters and state election officials to consider ERIC as an alternative to Crosscheck.  

Why are SOME states enrolled in both ERIC and Crosscheck?

Excellent question!  We reached out to several states and did not get a response, so we can only offer theories:

  • States could be comparing the two programs for ease of use and accuracy.

  • States may be using Crosscheck's voting history as a supplement to ERIC.

  • If a neighboring state is in Crosscheck but not ERIC, Crosscheck provides information not available through ERIC.

  • Because Crosscheck is free, states may stay enrolled even if they don't use Crosscheck data because they believe it helps neighboring states.

Why (and how much) does Kansas pay for Crosscheck for all member states?

In testimony on 1/10/2018 in the Kansas House Elections Committee, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said that Crosscheck has cost the state "zero dollars".  Crosscheck is administered with existing SOS staff.  No outside consultants (data security experts, data analytics experts, etc.) had been retained from 2011-2017.  

In fall 2017, after investigation by activists revealed the poorly configured data security protocols for Crosscheck, a security upgrade begin.  Kobach testified on 1/10/2018 that the cost of the security upgrade would be "under $20,000".  To the best of our knowledge, this security upgrade was never completed.

For comparison, the annual budget for ERIC is $785,000.  


What is your interest in crosscheck?

We are Kansas residents who believe our state is assuming a massive financial risk for dubious reasons.   We object to our tax dollars funding an ineffective, wasteful, risky program which puts millions of Americans' privacy and voting rights at risk.  We love Kansas and are proud of the quality of Kansans' ideas and achievements, but we are not proud of Crosscheck.