What are we doing?

- Working within Kansas to develop oversight regarding Crosscheck at a minimum, and ultimately to end Crosscheck

- Educating voters in Crosscheck states

What can you do?

Until Crosscheck ends, we encourage voters to launch grassroots campaigns to Leave Crosscheck in their states and switch to an existing, well-designed and executed alternative called Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) for voter list maintenance.  (Eight of the 28 Crosscheck states use both Crosscheck and ERIC.). 

Your help is needed!



  • If you live in a Crosscheck state, share this website with your state legislators and tell them you want to #LeaveCrosscheck
  • If you're a Kansas resident, share this site with your state legislators and ask why Kansas is paying the full cost for all 28 member states, and with Kansas journalists and media outlets
  • Share this website with other voters
  • Share this website with members of the media
  • Follow @LeaveCrosscheck @IndivisibleChi @Greg_Palast



  • EMAIL US at LeaveCrosscheck@gmail.com.  Let us know your state of residence.  We want to connect you together to start a team in your state!
  • Illinois voters, follow @Indivisible Chicago on Twitter and get involved in their campaign to have Illinois #LeaveCrosscheck
  • Voters in other Crosscheck states, start a grassroots campaign.  Look at Indivisible Chicago's approach for ideas, but you will need to customize based to your state's elections system.
  • Notify us of other groups groups or individuals who are also organizing against Crosscheck.  We will track and promote these efforts.  We were delighted earlier this year to find fellow travelers @Indivisiblechi, and we suspect there are other groups already organizing to end Crosscheck.