Even with the best tools, the important job of maintaining accurate voter registration files is a labor-intensive and expensive task.  

Rather than cleaning voter rolls, Crosscheck's faulty data matching methodology wastes resources.

American voters are placed on the Crosscheck reports if their first name, last name, and DOB match another voter in a Crosscheck state even if their social security numbers or middle names don't match.

Susan Smith (KS) and Susan Smith (SD) who share a date-of-birth but have mismatched SSN4 will be processed and checked by both Kansas and South Dakota every year that both participate in the Crosscheck program. 

That's right.  Every year that Kansas and South Dakota participate in Crosscheck, the two mismatched Susan Smiths will show up on both reports, and will need to be investigated all over again.

As the Virginia 2016 Annual Report on Voter Registration List Maintenance Activities notes  “The need to greatly refine and analyze Crosscheck data has required significant ELECT staff resources that are not accounted for when proponents claim the program is “free.”"