What are we doing?

  • Working within Kansas to develop oversight of Crosscheck in the legislature
  • Asking voters in Crosscheck states to organize a #LeaveCrosscheck campaign


What Should you do?

  • Educate yourself and others about Crosscheck

Find out if you live in a Crosscheck state.  If you do, join the fight!  Email me.  If there is not already a grassroots group advocating for your state to #LeaveCrosscheck, we will help you start one.  

Share this website with your state senators and representatives and tell them you are concerned that Crosscheck's risks outweigh its benefits.  Ask them to join ERIC if your state is not already a member.  

Share this website with other voters.

  • Contact us!  We will help you start or join a grassroots campaign to ask your state to Leave Crosscheck.

Follow @IndivisibleChi and read about their campaign to end Crosscheck's use in Illinois.  

Find allies in your state (@Indivisible, League of Women Voters, or other voting rights organizations) to begin grassroots work.  You'll need to identify the decision makers in your state's legislature and election organizations.  

And report back here so we can let others know who to contact and what you're doing!